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The Ninja Scrolls of Boobs

We are always watching...

Clan of the Boob Ninja
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All Members , Moderated
As the cherry blossoms fall in the eve of a new dawn, we come upon a small clearing. You see a small fire, but no one around. You kneel before the fire, warming your hands from the cool air, wondering where the owner is. Suddenly you see a small shimmer of light and hear a soft thud. Looking around, you realize you're not alone. On the ground in front of your feet, ther is a small piece of metal with a tiny piece of paper tied to it. Nervously, you pick it up. You recognize what this is. A bead of sweat falls from your forehead. You untie the delicate piece of paper gently, opening it cautiously. On it are three words:

"Prove your worth."

Standing slowly, you turn and and walk away with a new purpose.

As you leave, the fire dances wildy, burning brighter now. It lights up the single word you have written in the dirt:


Welsome to the Boob Ninja clan. Here you strive to become one of the elite. Whether posting boobs that are your own, or someones that have been stamped with the mark of the Silicone Shinobi, or just some random ones that you have discovered on the the internet, you must follow our rules, or be forced to commit seppuku.

1.)You must be 18. I *will* check your user info, and it must have the full birthdate.

2.) Post pics only of yourself or of you and your signifigant other.

3.) If you post a pic of someone other than yourself or your other, they must be showing in someway that they approve of the post (ie writing "ninja," "boob ninja," "silicone shinobi", or "shinobi" upon their boobs, or holding a sign saying one of the four)

4.) As of right now, naked male posting is forbidden, that is unless you are posting pics of someone with you who has boobs.

5.)We prefer it if you didn't post negative comments, only because the mods don't feel like dealing with the drama involved, but ninja can take care of themselves.

6.)To be considerate to those who don't have the option of a high-speed connection, please post behind a cut

7.)No community plugging unless you are sure that your members will reciprocate by posting here as well.

42.)Have fun.

These are the rules. You have your mission. Post the pics to make the grade to becoming the best ninja you can.